The concept

Posted on: February 15th, 2010 by Revolver Cricket

The Revolver Cricket concept is the brainchild of a Queensland-based development team who thought outside the square and came up with a unique triangular game — played in a circle. Plus many more.

Loosely modelled on the popular informal game known as French Cricket – and based on our unique revolving stumps — it represents a serious attempt to make cricket “more fun all round”.

Revolver Stumps* are a stunningly simple yet innovative development in training/playing apparatus, specially designed to rotate through 360 degrees.

Whether at the club or the beach, in the school playground or the local park, Revolver Cricket offers players the opportunity to embrace a dynamic all-inclusive approach to the game … quite literally, from all angles.

With a host of modified games – many of them easily adapted to training/PE programs — Revolver Cricket also offers significant possibilities in the disabled, institutional and corporate team building sectors.


  • Revolver Cricket is designed to help players develop their batting, bowling and fielding skills in a dynamic, fun new setting.
  • It has been devised to ensure ALL players are actively involved at ALL times – whether in a match, training or playground environment.
  • It can be played on any reasonably even, safe surface – in full circle, half circle or quarter circle formats, depending on the number of players involved and playing area available.
  • All games* are centred on a set of Revolver Stumps – three stumps mounted on a base plate and designed to rotate through 360 degrees.

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* Patent pending

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Historic first … the original Revolver Cricket Tri-Fives players line up before a demonstration match in May 2010.