About us

Posted on: March 1st, 2010 by Revolver Cricket

Revolver Cricket Enterprises is a Queensland-based company established in 2009 and driven by a dream.

What started as a vague, intriguing idea — born during a typical period of “downtime’’ at a junior cricket match in Brisbane – is now firmly in focus in the form of a unique, dynamic, all-inclusive game we call Revolver Cricket*.

Built around our revolutionary Revolver Stumps*, Revolver Cricket represents a serious attempt to make cricket “more fun all round’’.



We see Revolver Cricket having the capacity to not only complement, and significantly enhance, existing cricket development/training routines, but also to become a game in its own right – as both a fun playground/park/beach activity and a compact, exciting, up-tempo competitive sport.

We dare to believe Revolver Cricket can ultimately establish itself as part of the sporting landscape across the cricket world – and on new frontiers such as China and the United States.

We invite stakeholders to share our vision.



Peter Thomson

For Peter, Revolver Cricket represents an exciting new chapter in a career devoted to sport. As a sports journalist, he has worked on newspapers in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom – including The Courier-Mail (Brisbane), The Evening Post (Wellington), The Star (Johannesburg) and The Daily Telegraph (London). Peter is the compiler of Sportsword, Australia’s longest-running metropolitan newspaper sports crossword. His innate feel for sport is reflected in Revolver Cricket’s unique games, rules and scoresheet. Peter is a director of Revolver Cricket Enterprises.

 Czes Parchimowicz

Czes is a former civil and structural design draughtsman turned builder/inventor. His previous inventions range from a radical golf putter – golf being a passion he shares with his trainee professional son — to safety work footwear. His technical expertise and vision were not only critical in the development of our revolving stumps, but also in helping shape the games and activities in which they play, quite literally, such a pivotal role. Czes is a director of Revolver Cricket Enterprises.

Richard de Waal

Richard is a graphic designer with a wealth of experience on national magazines and metropolitan newspapers. As the father of three young sons, with a hands-on understanding of the dreams and aspirations of today’s budding cricketers, he was responsible for planting the seed from which the Revolver Cricket concept has sprung. His creative talents have helped give Revolver Cricket a colour and vibrancy to match its dynamism. Richard is a director of Revolver Cricket Enterprises.

* Patent pending.